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your style, your way

explore the wide range of facial hair options to find your best look.




full beard

Slim, angular jaws and narrow faces can be softened and rounded out by keeping the sides slightly longer, while round faces can be elongated by growing the hair at the chin longer and keeping the sides shorter. You can also make a rounder face look thinner by growing the hair on the front of your face slightly longer than the stuff around the sides.

Short beard

A neatly trimmed beard will suit most face shapes, though you may need to tailor the angles to emphasize your best features and downplay your worst.


Goatees look especially good on slim, angular faces (but don’t let them grow too long or they’ll make your face look too lean) and can make a round face look slightly slimmer


It works well on most face shapes but requires thick facial hair and looks best on guys with a wider philtrum (the stretch of skin between the top lip and nose) and a prominent chin due to it drawing attention higher up the face


Perfect for guys with baby faces, a sprinkling of stubble instantly adds maturity and a sense of ruggedness, making it the ideal option for those who struggle to grow thick, full beards.


As a beard can do wonders to redefine your face, so too a mustache can add amazing character and balance to your features. The proper mustache style can minimize large features, or accentuate and extend smaller ones.