this artistic painting allows our stylists to achieve a sun-kissed natural looking hair color with hand painted color application. The end result is a softer, low maintenance color, similar to what nature gives us as children. It grows out beautifully and more naturally so you don’t get an obvious regrowth line and and can wear it for longer between appointments. This technique works perfectly for light and dark hair, so anyone can enjoy this timeless look.


think your childhood sun-kissed hair. by using a fine coloring technique, babylights are delicate highlights that mimic the hair color of small children or how your hair would look if it were naturally lightened by the sun. the finished look is subtle but striking.

shadow root

shadow root allows you to embrace your root color by blending it into your highlights—or by making a huge statement with it. With this technique, either your natural root shade gets to shine through as part of the hair color or roots of a different shade are created and blended. It makes your roots part of the overall package deal in a gorgeous way, which we can definitely get on board with.


A look that is continuously reinvented. Ombre now looks alot more natural. an ombre is darker at the roots and gradually gets lighter toward the end of the hair. There is no more hard line of demarcation. There is not as much contrast as there use to be. ombre color is popular amongst fantasy color and natural hues.


sombre is the softer version of ombre. When compared to ombre, sombre looks very soft and natural, and usually colors closest to your natural hair are used to create that natural sun-kissed effect.

Ecaille / Tortoiseshell

if ombre and sombre had a baby, this would be it. the bold gradation of color is tempered by the soft and subtle sombre technique for bright ends and darker roots that blend ever-so-naturally. It can be achieved with a mix of balayage highlights throughout. The key is to focus on rich colors, creating dimension and some graduation of color to differentiate from an ombre.


lowlights involve darkening strands of hair to add dimension and depth. This too can add texture and movement to your hairstyle and can be done on all types of hair, whether curly or straight and long or short.

foil highlights

Highlights are typically done with foil. As foil highlights usually start from the roots of your hair, regular touch-ups are needed to avoid the harsh lines that come with root regrowth.