TIGI copyright colour

The best shades are the ones you invent.
TIGI copyright color has been developed to allow total freedom to mix colors any and every way whilst having the confiedence that results will be as expected.  Comprised of a fully intermixable collection of individually crafted shades, TIGI copyright color eliminates the need for color rules.

Providing a coloring palette form which limitless color creations can be crafted, the TIGI copyright color range allows each and every client to have unique color personalized for their needs.

Ultimate Creativity & Intermixability
TIGI copyright color is 100% intermixable color range enable colorists to really push their artistry.  Colorists can create an infinite number of shades from fundamental to the most creative results.  You can even intermix permanent with demi-permanent shades to create iridescent, high shine, soft permanent results.

Outstanding Results
Delivers up to 100% coverage on non-pigmented hair, with superb condition and shine.